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Blog Tour Review: Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echol..

Posted 7 January, 2015 by Gabbie in Blog Tour, Review / 0 Comments
Blog Tour Review: Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols

I had been eyeing this series for a while now, with Biggest Flirts having caught my attention when it came out, so I jumped on the opportunity to read this companion novel. Perfect Couple was a pretty cute and fluffy contemporary young adult novel. It followed main charter Harper, the weird photographer for her school yearbook, who was paired with football star Brody in the Perfect Couple That Never Was superlative. The awarding of that title pretty much spurred on the feelings that the two had been harboring for each other, and they decide that if the school thought they should be together, that they would give it a try. Perfect Couple wasn’t dry or anything. It was pretty entertaining. However, it wasn’t anything special in terms of plot or characters. It wasn’t boring, by any means, but it wasn’t necessarily a completely captivating read. Harper was actually not my favorite character to read. I was constantly rolling my eyes at both her narration and her actions–she came off as quite childish for a majority of the novel, with it getting to almost unbearable near the climax of the story. She was a pushover but at the same time, she was almost paranoid of what other people thought of her. She let other people’s opinions change who she was, and that was a trait that I did not like about […]