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Review: Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchi..

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Review: Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie

 “That’s the thing about being fucking smart—I understand her better than she understands herself.” “She pushes me lightly in the chest and tries not to share my smile. ‘Why am I with you? You’re so conceited, arrogant—‘ ‘Narcissistic,’ I add, ‘attractive, lovable, brilliant.’ ‘That wasn’t an invitation for you to compliment yourself.’ ‘No? My bad, I thought we were listing my best qualities.’” “Madame Charmaine sidles over to our coach and kneels in front of me. She snatches my hand and scans the lines on my palm wildly. ‘Mmm.’ I don’t like mms. They sound like unintelligible baby muttering, which is the equivalent of sticking a sharp needle in my ear.”  “I hate that I’m attracted to a man who things love is nothing but a weakness. But I also adore that there’s no one else remotely like Connor Cobalt in the world.”  “Loren frowns at Connor. ‘You really haven’t snorted coke? Not even once?’ ‘I have a rule about drugs.’ ‘And what’s that?’ ‘Don’t do them.’ He grins. ‘My body is a temple.’ ‘One that only Rose can enter,’ Loren banters. ‘I’ll let you in sometime, darling. Don’t worry.’” I adored the first two novels in this series about Lily and Lo. And on top of that, I had fallen in love with Rose and Connor, so when I saw their book, I had to request it! This novel […]