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Average Rating: 2.75

Mini-Review: Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

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Mini-Review: Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

“When I first saw the sand, I thought it was beautiful. Like maybe it’d be fun to just roll around in and make sand angels. Now I know the truth, that sand is actually the love child of proud parents Marie Antoinette and Joseph Stalin.” I absolutely adored Fire & Flood. I really enjoy Scott’s trilogy, The Dante Walker series, so I was very excited for this novel. This novel is a dystopian which is different from Scott’s paranormal series. The characters in this novel are in a Hunger Games-esque fight for The Cure. I really liked the plot of this novel and that the romance was a serious subplot. The events in this novel were thrilling and I was rooting for the main character. The pacing was fast and furious and I just really enjoyed watching the character’s journey in this novel. Tella was not what you would expect in a novel like this one. She wasn’t Katniss Everdeen—she wasn’t strong, tough, or kickass. She was a girly girl who liked girly things. The only reason she was part of this competition was to save her brother. She really grew over the course of the novel but not into a full-on warrior. I really liked that because it set her apart from every other dystopian heroine out there. Guy was mysterious. I really don’t know much about him except […]

Review (The one with GIFs): Rockoholic by C.J. Sku..

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Review (The one with GIFs): Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse

I honestly picked this one up because it promised rock-stars and romance. I had assumed that it meant a rock-star romance. My mistake. I really did not enjoy this book. In fact, the only reason that I was able to finish it was because of sheer force of will and the fact that it could make me laugh due to the pure stupidity of the characters. This novel felt like a soap opera to me; a train wreck. The plot itself was unrealistic. She kidnaps a rock star because he’s high on drugs and thinks that her candy bar is a knife? Okay…not too bad. But the fact that a sixteen year old was able to hide him for weeks without anyone really becoming suspicious and finding him? We’re not talking trained operatives that make people new identities in witness protection. We’re talking an extremely stupid girl. In addition to that, the plot was absolutely dull. I had no interest, really, in what happened to the characters. There wasn’t really any conflict even though we were lead to believe there would be some with the manager at multiple points during the novel. But alas, no.  “‘Mediocre. That’s what he said. He knew from that night on he didn’t want to be mediocre anymore. I just…wanted that to happen to me. I wanted to have that kind of night at the […]