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Blog Tour: Perfect You by Ashelyn Drake

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Blog Tour: Perfect You by Ashelyn Drake

I put the phone down and eat my cereal. Just as I take the last bite, my phone beeps with a message. I grab it, thinking Ash is taking a bathroom break. Got plans for today? It’s not Ash. I don’t recognize the number at all. I text back. Who is this? Guess. Noah? No, he doesn’t have my number. My fingers hover over the keys, not knowing how to respond. Noah: It’s Noah. Why is Noah texting me? Sure we’ve been hanging out, but only at the courts. We’ve never called each other or anything. Meg: How did you get my number?  Noah: I have my ways. How’s your head? I haven’t even thought about it. My late night swim with Ash sort of cured all my ailments. Meg: Better. Noah: Good. Let’s go to the water park. Is he asking me out? He knows I’m with Ash. I can explain being at the tennis courts with Noah since he’s the best player on the guys’ team, but going to a water park? Noah: What, do you have plans already? Yes, I do. Gray and I have to practice, and I promised Ash I would go watch the Football Challenge tonight. Meg: Kind of. Kind of? Why did I text that? What the hell is Noah doing to me? It’s like my brain shuts off when I talk to […]

Blog Tour Excerpt: Finding Mr. Darcy by Erin Butle..

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Blog Tour Excerpt: Finding Mr. Darcy by Erin Butler

Chapter 1 Now The phone rang again and I immediately thought of Janie. My heart popped up through my throat and caught on a breath. She was here though, right next to me. Safe. Her face still red and covered in dried, crusty tears. I fumbled for the cordless. “Liza, it’s me. I’m … ” he hesitated, probably waiting to hear if I would say Who? or maybe, Which one? “I’m outside your house. Meet me downstairs?” “Right now?” I shouted more than I’d meant to. My head pulsed in alarm, and a soft groan escaped Janie’s lips. I took a deep breath. “It’s like, eleven,” I whispered, more calm now. “Yeah, I’m out in my car. I … I need to see you.” Janie murmured and shifted as I got out of bed. I’d have to fight her for a spot when I got back. Or I could just suck it up, grab a quilt out of the closet, and sleep on the floor. Outside, the air chilled right through my flimsy pajamas and pricked my bare skin. I tucked Dad’s oversized U of M sweatshirt I found on the back of the couch around my shivering body. My breath made these little pockets of fog in the air as I tiptoed across the frost-covered lawn to the street. The houses that mirrored mine on all sides stood quiet. […]

Review: A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

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Review: A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

“I squinted through the darkness, spotting that unmistakably messy-sexy hair beside bright platinum blonde. I heard noises. Were they…? Yep. They were making out next to the trash bin. How, well, trashy.” At the time that I requested this novel I was on an angel-kick and well, this novel is about angels so of course I picked it up! A Shimmer of Angels was a bit typical. I kind of played into the trope of good angels vs. fallen angels that every angel book seems to follow. It had those things that almost every other angel book out there has. This fact made it a bit predictable, even in regards to the romance. Nevertheless, it kept me interested and there were certain things about it that kept me engaged. I found the aspect of Ray being able to see angels and being diagnosed as schizophrenic interesting. It was so interesting that it kept me reading this one and hoping to read the next. Although it had its typical moments, there were times in this novel that made it unique. “I’d been forbidden from seeing the men with wings—angels—had lost so much of my life denying them, but now… now I knew they were real. Or I was intensely more schizophrenic than before. But Cam…his questions, his answers, our entire conversation, I couldn’t have made that up.” The pacing was okay. […]