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Average Rating: 4.17

Review: Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armen..

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Review: Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Being that this is a Jen Armentrout book, my expectations going in were high. Her writing has never let me down and continues not to. Don’t Look Back grabbed my attention from the start and held on tight until it was over. However, this is definitely my least favourite JLA book. Maybe it was the genre, or the absence of Daemon or Jax, but it is what it is. Samantha – The main character, the girl who lost everything but got a chance at a new life. She goes through a lot throughout the story and I admire her strength. I wouldn’t ever want to be in her shoes (even though she owns really nice shoes), but hey, I’d totally take Carson for a spin. Scott – The brother, from the start I had mixed opinions about him. I just had this feeling that he knew way more than he was letting on. He was a bit too shady for my comfort, but I was happy to be wrong about him. Scott was actually a cool guy, and a really supportive brother. Loved him. Carson – The Book Boyfriend. JLA and her swoon-worthy boys, man oh man. Carson and Sam were friends a long time ago and fell apart when she fell into popularity. Not until after the accident did they become close again, and I shipped it. Really hard. […]

Review: Friends vs. Family by C.L. Stone

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Review: Friends vs. Family by C.L. Stone

Check out my review of Introductions (The Ghost Bird Series #1) Check out my review of First Days (The Ghost Bird Series #2) In this installment, Friends vs. Family, we again are following Sang and the boys. In the previous novels, we saw some of what Sang goes through by the hand of her sick mother, but this installment was focused on Sang’s family life. I liked that it was primarily about the things that were going on in that aspect of her life because I had been curious about it after seeing bits and pieces of it in the previous books. Even though this installment focused more on Sang’s home life and not what the Academy boys were doing in the school, it definitely was not lacking in action. Actually, I liked this book the best thus far. There were some heart pounding moments and some scary ones. We also find out some plot-changing things about Sang and her family. I was absolutely glued to the book. I liked that the boys really stepped up to help Sang, even Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green. I liked that they were so quick to want to help her. They were especially selfless and overprotective and adorable in this installment. Also, the tension between them all is definitely building and I am excited to see where that leads. Also, I am interested […]

Review: Covert Cover Cracked by Missy Marciassa

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Review: Covert Cover Cracked by Missy Marciassa

Check out my review of Covert Assignment (Covert #1) Check out my review of Covert Interview (Covert #2) I loved the previous novels in this series and wanted to see what else Elle gets herself into. Elle, a newly certified CIA agent’s, life is going well. She’s completed her field training and has a wonderful boyfriend. That is, until he dumps her. So Elle decides to go the route of no-strings and hooks up with Reese. What she doesn’t know is that he’s a navy SEAL. Likewise, he doesn’t know that she’s a CIA agent. They connect and keep hanging out until things get complicated. Preston (he ex-fling and co-agent) and Elle end up on an assignment with Reese and things just get more complicated from then on. I enjoyed this novel. The pacing was fast and things didn’t get boring. In addition to the spy aspect of this novel (that was present in the previous novels) there was a lot more personal drama in this installment which made it an even more interesting than the previous novels. It was definitely my favorite installment so far. Elle was stronger than ever in this novel despite all of the personal crap that she was going through. She has grown a lot as a character over the course of the series and I love watching her develop into a stronger woman. She […]