Author: Renita Pizzitola

Average Rating: 3.5

Mini-Review: Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzito..

Posted 27 February, 2015 by Gabbie in Review / 0 Comments
Mini-Review: Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzitola

“‘Though I will tell you, you ruined me. I’ve held a lot of girls I kissed to your standard and I’ve been sorely disappointed.’” Just a Little Crush was a cute and entertaining second chance romance. Brinley and Ryder didn’t depart on great terms in high school and now they are attending the same college together. And now all of a sudden, Ryder is showing an interest to a skeptical Brinley. But as it turns out, Ryder is part of a game that could be possibly more humiliating than what she experienced in high school. And it’s up to Ryder to prove that what he feels for her isn’t a game and is real. As I mentioned, Just a Little Crush was an undeniably cute read. It wasn’t without its fair share of drama though, so I wouldn’t insert it into the fluffy category. The two main characters were on and off constantly throughout the novel but at no point did I stop believing in them and their relationship. Ryder was seemingly genuine for a large majority of the novel. My confidence was shattered in him at points, but that’s part of what made this a good novel: I was invested in the outcome. I adored Brinley. She was sweet and reminded me of myself. She was a relatable character that I wouldn’t mind befriending! The plot was well-paced and the […]