Author: Pamela DuMond

Average Rating: 3

Blog Tour Review: Part-Time Princess by Pamela DuM..

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Blog Tour Review: Part-Time Princess by Pamela DuMond

The premise seemed like it would definitely be an interesting read! I can definitely say that this novel was unlike anything that I’ve ever read before. It had an interesting premise, that of a poor girl from Chicago being hired to impersonate a princess of a foreign country. This wasn’t the best story that I’ve read–there was some lagging in the plot at times and the pacing was a bit slow at points and really fast at others. The thing that kept me reading was the humor. The humor that was in this novel was definitely the highlight of the story. The plot wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t anything stellar for me, personally. Lucy was the girl that was chosen to impersonate Lady Elizabeth while the real Elizabeth straightened up some personal affairs in the states. She wasn’t not my favorite female character. Her voice became a bit annoying as the novel went on and I felt like we didn’t but scratch the surface of her character. She was a bit one-dimensional. She was, however, really funny to read. She was always using weird expressions or making jokes. There were, you could say, two main male characters. Prince Cristoph and Prince Nick. Like Lucy, I felt like we didn’t but scratch the surface of their characters. Prince Cristoph was a shallow and fake character but I felt like he was […]