Author: Ophelia London

Average Rating: 5

Review: Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia Londo..

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Review: Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London

Favorite Quote(s): “My hands were sweaty-cold again as my fists clenched in my pockets. ‘I think you are like Sir Percy,’ I said. He looked up. ‘In what way?’ “How about by wearing a mask half of the time?’ I suggested. ‘Playing a deliberate and studied part?’ I could hear my voice becoming accusatory, remembering the past…how he’d disappeared from my life without a word, and exactly how much that hurt me. ‘Never, ever showing your true character until the final chapter.’ ‘I’m not playing any part,’ he started, a bit indignantly. ‘When will you see that?’ ‘When you show me, Henry.’ My words came out too loud, and we both turned towards the dark tent. ‘Sometimes,’ I continued in a whisper, when no one stirred inside, ‘I feel lke I don’t know you at all, and other times…I feel…’ I trailed off and pressed my fingers to my forehead. ‘I don’t know what to believe anymore.’” Favorite Character: …Henry…I have a thing for smart guys. First Line: “‘Spring Honeycutt, nice of you to finally join us.’” My Musings: Definitely, Maybe in Love is a retelling of the classical Pride and Prejudice. I, personally, have never read P&P, but this novel sort of makes me want to. Definitely, Maybe in Love follows Spring Honeycutt, a girl with a love for sustainability. Actually, her thesis is about it. However, her mentor/professor believes that […]