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Jessica Shirvington is the author of THE VIOLET EDEN CHAPTERS also known as THE EMBRACE SERIES, stand alone novel, BETWEEN THE LIVES and has an exciting new duology called DISRUPTION on the way in 2014.

An entrepreneur, author, and mother living in Sydney, Australia, Jessica is also a 2011 & 2012 finalist for Cosmopolitan’s annual Fun, Fearless Female Award. She’s also one of the lucky few who met the love of her life at age seventeen: Matt Shirvington, a former Olympian and current sports broadcaster for Foxtel and Fox Sports. Married for twleve years with two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Winter, Jessica knows her early age romance and its longevity has definitely contributed to how she tackles relationships in her YA novels.

Average Rating: 4.83

Blog Tour Review + Excerpt: One Past Midnight by J..

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Blog Tour Review + Excerpt: One Past Midnight by Jessica Shirvington

“Life’s too short. If Ethan taught me anything, that would be it. I want to get on with living mine.” “You said you wanted someone to know you. Maybe I just want to have someone know me too. Without you in this world, the memories of every moment we’ve shared together will be gone. We only exist because others see us. Part of my existence…an important part, only exists because you are here to see it.” I had actually been eyeing this book when it was released in Australia under the title Between the Lives. I love Jessica Shirvington’s stories and this one sounded really interesting. Sabine has two lives: in the town of Wellesley, she’s popular with a perfect boyfriend and perfect friends. In Roxbury, she has a little sister and a best friend named Capri. Every night when the clock strikes midnight Sabine would undergo “the shift” and switch from one life to the next. But one day the rules of the shift change: when she goes from one life to the next, injured in the first and not in the second, she finds a loophole. Which brings her to the conclusion that maybe if she died in one life, she would only have to live the other. This novel was unlike anything that I’ve read before. The premise of a girl stuck between two lives, switching between […]

Review: Endless by Jessica Shirvington

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Review: Endless by Jessica Shirvington

Check out my review of Entice (The Violet Eden Chapters #2)  Favorite Quote(s): “Honey and spice and all things dangerous are nice.” “‘Thanks for the outrageously fun night.’ He winked. ‘I aim to please.’ ‘Then we’re going to have to reassess your pleasure standards.’ At the smile on his face and raised eyebrow, my cheeks pinked. ‘Ah…I mean…’ ‘Goodnight, Vi.’ ‘I bit my lip. ‘Night, Linc.’” “‘What we have…We’re endless.’” Favorite Character: Violet. She’s such a strong and well developed character. First Line: My Musings: Wow. Just wow. I am still in a state of shock, and it’s been about three days since I finished this novel. So I’ve been pining for this novel ever since I finished Emblaze. I mean, the cliffy in Emblaze? Just about killed me. So anyways. When I got approved for this title on Netgalley, I was super excited! I was expecting great things, and great things were given to me. Endless follows Violet and co. as they fight to find Lilith and Phoenix and put a stop to her horrible plans of evilness. In addition, you also have the added stress of Violet’s newly found mother being taken as prisoner at the Academy in the New York. And the fact that Violet has to take classes there. And the fact that Violet’s dad has been exposed to their world. Oh, and the ever-present connection […]

Review: Entice by Jessica Shirvington

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Review: Entice by Jessica Shirvington

Favorite Quote(s): “‘I don’t know that I will ever do anything in my life remarkable enough to make me deserve you, but I promise you, Violet, I will try every day for the rest of my life.’” Favorite Character: Lincoln. He really cares for Violet, and I feel like there is a lot more to the way that he acts. First Line: “I held the dagger in my right hand, the hilt heavy and intricately carved, the blade long and slim.” My Musings: Jessica Shirvington is an amazing writer. In this second installment of the Violet Eden chapters, we follow Violet and her crew as they make their way to Jordan to find the Scriptures. The Scriptures that Phoenix is out to get. This novel was a labyrinth of action and events. There is lots of fighting, special powers, and discovery that go on in this book. In addition to that, this book is loaded with forbidden and forbidden love, humor, and lots of seriousness. The plot in this novel was fully developed–Shirvington clearly knew what she was doing when she brought this story to life. The events were well planned out, and nothing was confusing over the course of the novel. The writing itself was very realistic and descriptive, and it painted a clear picture of things as the story progressed. The world that Shrivington created was intense and fun. The […]