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Review: The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica ..

Posted 19 May, 2015 by Jamie Mariano in Review / 0 Comments
Review: The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

“I didn’t come to England to fall in love with anything but England. I didn’t come to get married. I came to draw. I came to be inspired. I came for adventure. I suppose I got it.” Screw it. I’ve spent the past couple of hours trying to come up with something to say about The Royal We, but I don’t have the words. To say this book was a whirlwind of a romance honestly diminishes the kind of story this is. Of course, it’s a hell of romance, which I loved to bits, but it’s also a novel that unreservedly captures what it’s like to love something and someone without capacity. So when it comes to stories that I just completely give myself over to — stories like this — I let my feelings speak for itself. (And, yes, those damned emotions are as loud and incoherent as ever.) Bear with me, guys. Rebecca “Bex” Porter is an American college girl with dreams of studying abroad in England. So when she’s accepted to Oxford to study art, she gets every bit of the experience she’s ever wanted… and then some. It turns out Prince Nicholas — the heir to Great Britain’s throne — lives right down the hall from Bex. And being in such close proximity, Bex not only befriends Nick’s circle of friends, but falls for the royal prince himself — thrusting her into a world […]