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Blog Tour Excerpt: Finding Mr. Darcy by Erin Butle..

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Blog Tour Excerpt: Finding Mr. Darcy by Erin Butler

Chapter 1 Now The phone rang again and I immediately thought of Janie. My heart popped up through my throat and caught on a breath. She was here though, right next to me. Safe. Her face still red and covered in dried, crusty tears. I fumbled for the cordless. “Liza, it’s me. I’m … ” he hesitated, probably waiting to hear if I would say Who? or maybe, Which one? “I’m outside your house. Meet me downstairs?” “Right now?” I shouted more than I’d meant to. My head pulsed in alarm, and a soft groan escaped Janie’s lips. I took a deep breath. “It’s like, eleven,” I whispered, more calm now. “Yeah, I’m out in my car. I … I need to see you.” Janie murmured and shifted as I got out of bed. I’d have to fight her for a spot when I got back. Or I could just suck it up, grab a quilt out of the closet, and sleep on the floor. Outside, the air chilled right through my flimsy pajamas and pricked my bare skin. I tucked Dad’s oversized U of M sweatshirt I found on the back of the couch around my shivering body. My breath made these little pockets of fog in the air as I tiptoed across the frost-covered lawn to the street. The houses that mirrored mine on all sides stood quiet. […]

Review: How We Lived by Erin Butler

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Review: How We Lived by Erin Butler

“They were waiting for me to crumble, all of them, their stares reminding me of just how close to the edge I balanced myself.” “People feel sorry for your pain, and pain just is. It doesn’t only happen when you’re worthy of it.” How We Lived follows Kelsey Larkin five months after her big brother Kyle dies in an accident at the hands of their best friend, Chase. Kelsey is back for a few days before she goes off for summer semester at the State University. After being uninvited by her own parents to her brother’s funeral, she is joined by Chase, who has basically been ostracized by the whole town for getting behind the wheel drunk and killing Kyle. The chemistry between the two of them is there, but can Kelsey, and her family, forgive Chase for the mistake that cost Kyle his life? And more importantly, can he forgive himself? Books with this kind of plot are ones that you can’t help but enjoy. I can honestly say that this was not the best written novel I’ve read by far. It seemed rushed at times and some things that happened felt out of place. The path of self-redemption that Chase was on, though, made those things fade into the background. The characters in this novel and their journey are what made this novel good. “Time would forever be […]