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I love reading and writing snarky, kick-butt characters who take on the world and win.
My truths: You can never have too many books, shoes, or purses.
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Review: Bridges Burned by Chris Cannon

Posted 19 January, 2015 by Gabbie in Review / 0 Comments
Review: Bridges Burned by Chris Cannon

Check out my review of Going Down in Flames (Going Down in Flames #1) Bridges Burned was sufficiently entertaining. There was tons of romantic drama as well as some adventure-type drama. There were things that happened that I wasn’t expecting at all, and some of the plot’s twists and turns kept me guessing about what would happen. At times, some things felt overly dramatic, but it wasn’t so off-putting as in book one. I thought it was a decent improvement, in terms of both plot and writing. Bryn was just as spunky in this novel as in the last, but she suffered from some emotional turmoil in this installment due to a variety of different things. At first it was alarming to see such a confident character break down, but in the end, it made her more realistic than she felt in book one. I found myself genuinely rooting for her at points in this novel. I suppose that Jaxon and Zavien are the two main male characters in this book. Zavien’s personality seemed to do a complete 180. He was definitely not my favorite character in the book, which was off-putting because I didn’t mind his character in the first novel. On the other hand, we see a completely different side of Jaxon in this installment. It was like their personalities did a complete flip-flop, which was slightly concerning. […]

Blog Tour Review: Going Down in Flames by Chris Ca..

Posted 10 July, 2014 by Gabbie in Blog Tour, Giveaway, Review / 1 Comment
Blog Tour Review: Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon

I haven’t yet read a book about dragons so this one caught my interest. The plot of the novel was interesting but unrealistic. Bryn was all nonchalant about this dragon thing. There wasn’t any denial, really. It was just really unrealistic to me. She should have freaked out.  Then she was so nonchalant about death threats she received? Again it struck me as unrealistic. There were definitely lagging points throughout the duration of the novel which made getting through it difficult at times. But I really wanted to find out why the events that were happening were happening so I kept reading. However, this book had one if those abrupt cliffhangers that leave you thinking the book got cut off so if you dislike those then this isn’t the book for you. Bryn was snarky, feisty, and didn’t let anyone bully her. Although she was looked down upon due to her split heritage (hybrid dragon) she didn’t let the taunts and name calling bother her. She was strong. She stood up for herself but she had no real concern for herself. And her emotions were slightly bipolar. It was weird at times because it messed with the flow of events in the novel. Zavien was the forbidden love interest. He was rebellious in a nice way and was kind of bossy. But he cared for Bryn while she didn’t care […]