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Blog Tour Mini-Review: That One Summer by C.J. Dug..

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Blog Tour Mini-Review: That One Summer by C.J. Duggan

Check out my review of Boys of Summer (Summer #1) Check out my review of An Endless Summer (Summer #2) That One Summer was a great companion novel to the Boys of Summer series. This installment followed Amy’s friend Tammy and Chris Henderson. It was different from the other novels, as we had characters that weren’t as outgoing and bold as the other characters. Their story and romance was a lot more subtle, evolving over a road trip down the coast. It moved at a pace that was just right for the characters, which was a bit slow with some steamy moments. But it wasn’t boring at all–it fit their characters. Tammy falls in as my second favorite Onslow girl. She was the character that I related most to. She was shy and don’t quite fit in with the pack. I could totally understand her feelings of loneliness. Chris was just as serious as ever, although we got to see him lighten up a tiny bit. It was actually kind I weird at first, since it’s always been the serious side of him portrayed in the novels. But it was refreshing to see. In this installment, we also get to see our other favorite couples, and one of them even has an OMG moment that totally killed me! That One Summer was a cute and lighthearted read that is perfect […]

Blog Tour: An Endless Summer by C.J. Duggan

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Blog Tour: An Endless Summer by C.J. Duggan

Favorite Quote(s): “And just like Sean, without even knowing the reasons why, he just did. Without a word or a worry, he saved me.” Favorite Character: Amy. First Line: “‘There he is!’” My Musings: Way back when, I was a part of the blog tour for the Boys of Summer by C.J Duggan, so I couldn’t pass it up when I got the email for the blog tour sign ups for this second, companion novel. I couldn’t wait to see what else C.J Duggan had in store. An Endless Summer follows the life of Amy three years after the events of the Boys of Summer. Three years prior, Amy was shunned from Onslow after a night involving drinking, a lake, and almost dying. Three years later, Amy returns to Onslow for her summer holidays; however, she is shocked to find that the hotel that she grew up in has fallen to pieces. Amy resolves to fix up the hotel and to reclaim her home. With the help of the Onslow boys and her friends from three years prior, Amy works tirelessly to rebuilt the hotel. But when her parents decide to put it up for sale, will everything that Amy be for nothing? Amy was a determined character. She was determined to fix the place that she considered home. She didn’t give up on fixing up the hotel, and she […]