Review Policy

At Rampant Readers we are happy to receive books to read and review from authors, publicists, and publishers. Rampant Readers focuses primarily on the Young Adult and New Adult genres. This blog is family-friendly, and you will not find any adult content here that would not be suitable for a younger audience without prior warning at the beginning of a post.

We accept Young Adult and New Adult titles of almost all genres.

Unfortunately, we will not accept any of the following:

  • Religious Fiction/Non-Fiction
  • Adult Romance
  • Erotica
  • Self Help
  • All Other Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Children’s/Picture books

We accept eBooks and eARCs compatible for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. If you would like to send paper ARCs or books, please email us for our mailing address. Please note that physical books are preferred and have greater preference over digital copies.

The review will be posted on this blog as well as on Goodreads. We can post on additional sites upon request (Amazon and Barnes and Noble). We will email the link once the review has been posted. If you would like the review to be posted on a particular date, please let us know and we will see if that is possible. If it is an ARC, we’ll do our best to have the review posted the week before its release date.

Any books that we receive are for our own personal use, and will not be shared, distributed or sold. If we are sent a physical ARC, we may ask for your permission to send the book on to other bloggers or to host a giveaway for it.

If we accept a book and we don’t honestly get into it, then there may be a chance we may not review it.

Novels that we request personally will have precedence over all other titles.

FTC Disclaimer

All books reviewed on Rampant Readers have either been purchased or given to us by authors or publishers in exchange for an honest review. Each review will clearly state how the book was obtained (purchased, borrowed, won, or given by author/publisher for review). We do not accept any kind of payment or compensation for our reviews. Our opinions in the reviews are based solely on our own thoughts and reading experiences.

In our reviews, we include the following information:

  • Cover art
  • The book’s details: title, author, if it is associated with a series, publisher, publication date, and the source of the media
  • Links to purchase the title from Amazon, the Book Despository, and Barnes & Noble, as well as a link to the book on Goodreads
  • A synopsis of the book, taken from Goodreads
  • Our review
  • A starred rating from one to five


We prefer not to read a series out of sequence. If you have a review request that is part of a series we have not read, we do ask that you provide a copy of each of its predecessors. This will allow for a more effective review.

What to include in the request

In your review request, we would like to see at least the following:

  • Book title & synopsis
  • Book cover
  • Link to Goodreads (or other book page with reviews and complete details)

Interviews/Guest Posts

We are happy to host authors for an interview or a guest post. If you are interested in doing an author interview, we request that a copy of your novel be sent with ample time to read before the questions need to be submitted. If we are not familiar with your work/with the author’s work, we do require the option to read the title before we will agree to an interview or a guest post.


If your book falls into an accepted category and you are interested in hosting a giveaway, with or without a review, please contact us at

Cover Reveals

Rampant Readers offers exclusive cover reveals or can also be a part of a group reveal. The only constraint that we have is that we can decline the reveal if we feel the cover may not be a good fit for our blog.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us through the mail link on the right sidebar, or email us at