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Blog Tour Mini-Review: Before He Was a Secret by B..

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Blog Tour Mini-Review: Before He Was a Secret by Becky Wicks

Check out my review of Before He Was Famous (Starstruck #1) [Buy on Amazon] Check out my review of Before He Was Gone (Starstruck #2) [Buy on Amazon] When I saw the invitation for this blog tour sitting in my inbox, I was so excited to join! I have read and enjoyed both of the companion novels in this series of standalones and really enjoyed them. This marks my third Becky Wicks novel and let me tell you, it definitely wasn’t a let down! Before He Was a Secret focuses on Stephanie, who we met in Before He Was Gone. I really liked seeing how Stephanie really was as a character, because in Before He Was Gone, she was portrayed in a different light than we find her character to be in this novel. I really enjoyed being able to see the real Stephanie, because she was pretty cool! She’s just moved to Nashville in order to fulfill her dream of making it big as a singer. In Nashville, she meets Conor, who she musically clicks with. But Conor is dealing with emotional problems of his own–he’s just broken up with a long time girlfriend and no one actually knows this fact. So as Stephanie and Conor grow closer and feelings start to show up, things get a bit complicated. And then you enter Travis into the equation–a songwriter who has lost […]

Blog Tour Review: Losers Weepers by Nicole William..

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Blog Tour Review: Losers Weepers by Nicole Williams

Check out my review of Lost & Found (Lost & Found #1) Check out my review of Near & Far (Lost & Found #2) Check out my review of Finders Keepers (Lost & Found #3) Loser Weepers was definitely a thrilling read. I didn’t know what to expect after reading the synopsis—Garth falling back into his old ways made me nervous. But the book was actually a really engaging and heartbreaking/heartwrenching read. Josie was great as always. She was tough and that definitely showed over the course of the book. She didn’t put up with Garth’s crap and absolutely did not let him push her away. Josie is one of the best female characters that I’ve read, and this book just hardened my opinion on that. Garth is involved in an accident that sends him spiraling back into his ways of assholery. I was pissed at him for the longest time! I wanted him to stop all the bullpoop. That’s actually what I loved most about this book—I literally got happy when the characters were happy, sad when they were sad, and mad when they were mad. We saw a bit more into Garth’s vulnerability, which was nice to see. We really got a close look at his psyche. He grew up in this novel. It was awesome. The romance in this book was more emotional than physical, which reminded me […]

Blog Tour Review: Three Brothers by Nicole William..

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Blog Tour Review: Three Brothers by Nicole Williams

“One of the few grains of wisdom I’d gleaned from my mom before she ended her life the summer I turned thirteen was that there were three types of men: The kind who appealed to our heads—the good guys who were safe, smart picks who’d never hurt us but would never really excite the hell out of us either. The kind who appealed to our hearts—typically the broken, damaged ones we couldn’t help but fall hard and fast for and the ones we yearned to fix. And then there were the kind who appealed to the below-the-belt region. Those were the guys with swagger in their step and a knowing glint in their eyes. They lit our worlds on fire, but like any fire that burned through its tinder, it extinguished as quickly as it had erupted. Mom had also said there was a fourth kind, although they were so rare they were more myth than reality: the kind who appealed to all three parts of a woman. She said if I ever came across one of those, I should tie myself to him so tightly, no matter what storm came, we’d never be ripped apart.” I loved the Lost and Found series as well as all of the Nicole Williams books that I’ve tried so I was very excited to give this one a try, especially because it said that […]

Blog Tour Review: Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echol..

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Blog Tour Review: Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols

I had been eyeing this series for a while now, with Biggest Flirts having caught my attention when it came out, so I jumped on the opportunity to read this companion novel. Perfect Couple was a pretty cute and fluffy contemporary young adult novel. It followed main charter Harper, the weird photographer for her school yearbook, who was paired with football star Brody in the Perfect Couple That Never Was superlative. The awarding of that title pretty much spurred on the feelings that the two had been harboring for each other, and they decide that if the school thought they should be together, that they would give it a try. Perfect Couple wasn’t dry or anything. It was pretty entertaining. However, it wasn’t anything special in terms of plot or characters. It wasn’t boring, by any means, but it wasn’t necessarily a completely captivating read. Harper was actually not my favorite character to read. I was constantly rolling my eyes at both her narration and her actions–she came off as quite childish for a majority of the novel, with it getting to almost unbearable near the climax of the story. She was a pushover but at the same time, she was almost paranoid of what other people thought of her. She let other people’s opinions change who she was, and that was a trait that I did not like about […]

Blog Tour Review: Loving Eden by T.A. Foster

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Blog Tour Review: Loving Eden by T.A. Foster

Check out my review of Kissing Eden (Kissing Eden #1) I enjoyed the first book in Grey and Eden’s story and I was interested to see how them living together worked out. Loving Eden starts with Eden moving from North Carolina to Texas in order to start her life post-gradatation with Grey. This installment was more interesting than I would have originally thought that it was. It was filled with drama and new and unexpected characters. There was romance and family drama which really broke up the drama well, as too much of the same type can be overwhelming. The plot got a bit tedious and slow at points but it kept my interest overall. Eden was in the process of trying to figure out her life as an adult while also dealing with being in a new state, living with a new guy, and having drama with said guy and his family. I thought she handled it well considering all that she was going through. Eden was never anything special of a character to me but she is definitely a relatable one and that was clear in the novel like it was in the first. Grey was definitely as brooding and moody as he was in the first novel. In this novel he had to deal with a long lost relative showing up and wanting to take the hotel. So […]

Blog Tour Excerpt: Stone of Thieves by Diane J. Re..

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Blog Tour Excerpt: Stone of Thieves by Diane J. Reed

Stone of Thieves (Robbin’ Hearts Series #2) by Diane J. Reed Release Date: 05/08/14 238 pages The Stone of Thieves . . . for centuries its magnetic draw has twisted the hearts of ambitious men and women with the promise of power, passion, and intrigue until it fell into the hands of unlikely thieves Robin and her boyfriend Creek. But can they steal their destiny away from the curse that pursues this magnificent ruby heart? As the stone begins to spread its sorcery, Robin races to find her long-lost mother in Italy in the hopes of discovering the truth about her unique gypsy heritage and the ruby heart that is rumored to steal souls. Yet when the desire for this stone by powerful members of her family threatens their very lives, Creek decides to take matters into his own hands to protect Robin, his greatest treasure of all . . . Stone of Thieves is a sensual, stand-alone new adult novel and the sequel to Robin in the Hood in the Robbin’ Hearts Series. Due to mature themes, readership is advised for ages 17+. Goodreads | Amazon│Barnes & Noble  Robin in the Hood (Robbin’ Hearts Series #1) by Diane J. Reed Release Date: 10/01/12 300 pages “Is it any wonder I became a bank robber?”  But she never dreamed she’d fall in love… Wealthy high school student Robin McArthur thinks she has it all figured out […]

Blog Tour: Made For You by Melissa Marr

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Blog Tour: Made For You by Melissa Marr

Made for You by Melissa Marr Published by: HarperCollins Publication date: September 16th 2014 Genres: Southern Gothic, Young Adult Bestselling author of the Wicked Lovely books Melissa Marr’s first contemporary YA novel is a twisted southern gothic tale of obsession, romance, and murder. A killer is obsessed with Eva Tilling. Can she stop him, or will he claim her? When Eva Tilling wakes up in the hospital, she’s confused—who in her sleepy little North Carolina town could have hit her with their car? And why? But before she can consider the question, she finds that she’s awoken with a strange new skill: the ability to foresee people’s deaths when they touch her. While she is recovering from the hit-and-run, Nate, an old flame, reappears, and the two must traverse their rocky past as they figure out how to use Eva’s power to keep her friends—and themselves—alive. But while Eva and Nate grow closer, the killer grows increasingly frantic in his attempt to get to Eva. For the first time, New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr has applied her extraordinary talent to contemporary realism. Chilling twists, unrequited obsession, and high-stakes romance drive this Gothic, racy thriller—a story of small-town oppression and salvation. Melissa’s fans, and every YA reader, will find its wild ride enthralling. Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iTunes Check out this awesome excerpt on USA Today! a Rafflecopter giveaway About Melissa Marr Hmm, I’m never good at the […]

Blog Tour Review: Part-Time Princess by Pamela DuM..

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Blog Tour Review: Part-Time Princess by Pamela DuMond

The premise seemed like it would definitely be an interesting read! I can definitely say that this novel was unlike anything that I’ve ever read before. It had an interesting premise, that of a poor girl from Chicago being hired to impersonate a princess of a foreign country. This wasn’t the best story that I’ve read–there was some lagging in the plot at times and the pacing was a bit slow at points and really fast at others. The thing that kept me reading was the humor. The humor that was in this novel was definitely the highlight of the story. The plot wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t anything stellar for me, personally. Lucy was the girl that was chosen to impersonate Lady Elizabeth while the real Elizabeth straightened up some personal affairs in the states. She wasn’t not my favorite female character. Her voice became a bit annoying as the novel went on and I felt like we didn’t but scratch the surface of her character. She was a bit one-dimensional. She was, however, really funny to read. She was always using weird expressions or making jokes. There were, you could say, two main male characters. Prince Cristoph and Prince Nick. Like Lucy, I felt like we didn’t but scratch the surface of their characters. Prince Cristoph was a shallow and fake character but I felt like he was […]

Blog Tour Review: Stay With Me by J. Lynn

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Blog Tour Review: Stay With Me by J. Lynn

Check out my review of Wait for You (Wait for You #1) I have adored every single on of JLA’s novels so of course when the opportunity was given to me to be a part of this blog tour raised, I jumped on it! Stay with Me focuses on Calla, a character that I hadn’t seen much as I have yet to read Be with Me. Calla’s story was definitely drama filled. As in, drugs, hit men, and possible death and destruction. It was a totally different type of drama than Avery and Cam’s story but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It never got boring and the events kept me on my toes. Calla was definitely served a tough hand in this novel but never once did she come off as weak. She was a very strong character, in my opinion, and she was very brave in dealing with the things that were thrown her way. Like Avery, she had a past. She kept it a secret from her friends for a bit, but even that didn’t deter me from enjoying her character. She was very kind and selfless while also determined and brave. Jax was something a bit different. He wasn’t part of the “Hot Guy Brigade” as Calla put it. In fact, he didn’t go to their college as the majority of this novel was set in Calla’s hometown. […]

Blog Tour: Perfect You by Ashelyn Drake

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Blog Tour: Perfect You by Ashelyn Drake

I put the phone down and eat my cereal. Just as I take the last bite, my phone beeps with a message. I grab it, thinking Ash is taking a bathroom break. Got plans for today? It’s not Ash. I don’t recognize the number at all. I text back. Who is this? Guess. Noah? No, he doesn’t have my number. My fingers hover over the keys, not knowing how to respond. Noah: It’s Noah. Why is Noah texting me? Sure we’ve been hanging out, but only at the courts. We’ve never called each other or anything. Meg: How did you get my number?  Noah: I have my ways. How’s your head? I haven’t even thought about it. My late night swim with Ash sort of cured all my ailments. Meg: Better. Noah: Good. Let’s go to the water park. Is he asking me out? He knows I’m with Ash. I can explain being at the tennis courts with Noah since he’s the best player on the guys’ team, but going to a water park? Noah: What, do you have plans already? Yes, I do. Gray and I have to practice, and I promised Ash I would go watch the Football Challenge tonight. Meg: Kind of. Kind of? Why did I text that? What the hell is Noah doing to me? It’s like my brain shuts off when I talk to […]