Review: Evertrue by Brodi Ashton

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Evertrue by Brodi AshtonEvertrue by Brodi Ashton
Series: Everneath #3
Publisher: Balzer + Bray on January 21, 2014
Source: Purchased
Pages: 336
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Now that Nikki has rescued Jack, all she wants is to be with him and graduate high school. But Cole tricked Nikki into feeding off him, and she’s begun the process of turning into an Everliving herself... which means she must feed on a Forfeit soon — or die.

Terrified for her survival, Nikki and Jack begin a desperate attempt to reverse the process using any means possible. Even Cole, who they expected to fight them at every turn, has become an unlikely ally — but how long can it last? Nikki needs to feed on Cole to survive, Cole needs Nikki to gain the throne in the Everneath, Jack needs Nikki because she is everything to him — and together, they must travel back to the Underworld to undo Nikki’s fate and make her mortal once more. But Cole isn’t the only one with plans for Nikki: the Queen has not forgotten Nikki’s treachery, and she wants her destroyed for good. Will Nikki be forced to spend eternity in the Underworld, or does she have what it takes to bring down the Everneath once and for all?

In this stunning conclusion to the Everneath trilogy, Brodi Ashton evokes the resiliency of the human spirit and the indomitable power of true love.

Here Are My Thoughts

I’m going to be blunt right now. I didn’t think I was going to finish Evertrue. The story just took a turn I really didn’t like, and I thought it was sort of a cop out to make a villainous character less of a villain. From the beginning of the series I pined for Cole and Nikki to end up together, even though I think I knew deep down that it wouldn’t work. It was wayyy too dysfunctional to be a justified option for the two characters. But still, I wanted it. Not that I disliked Nikki’s boyfriend, I didn’t. Jack was cool and his love for Nikki was beautiful. (But a tad boring for my tastes). I’ve just got this eternal love for the bad seeds I guess.


The beginning picked up where we left off in Everbound and I liked that. Some books that end on cliffhangers do the whole, Six Months Later or whatever and it’s annoying. The rest of the story is quite the journey for all of the characters. It’s a race for Nikki and Jack to find Nik’s heart, stolen by Cole because he wants her for himself, to rule the Everneath beside him. (I’d do it. Pick me. Please. *waves hands*). Each of the characters face impossible tasks and are forced to overcome them and trust one another. This is the installment that really brings the whole group together, except not everyone makes it out alive.

RomanceFrom the beginning of the trilogy I loved Nikki and Cole. He was there for her when she was in pain, he took it away. He stuck by her and was dedicated to her throughout the entire trilogy even though she was in love with Jack. Jack himself was a good guy. He’d known Nikki for a long time before she had met Cole and loved her with such a passion that even Cole, who loved Nik in his own way, couldn’t deny it. That, however, never made me stop waiting for Nikki and Cole to end up together, as messed up as that would have been.

Favorite Quotes

> “Give me your heart,” I said. He tilted his head, leaned forward, watching my eyes the entire time to make sure it was okay, and kissed me lightly on the lips. “You already have it.”

> “It says ‘Bet you were expecting a heart, shaped like a compass…'” Jack paused and pulled the note off the bow tie. “…And then he drew a frowny face.”

> We will not be meeting in my bedroom. Jack and I will meet you at your condo at midnight. Two minutes later there was an answer. Sounds Kinky. I’ll break out the whips and chains. You wear that pair of black boots I like.”


I knew it wouldn’t be a happy ending for every single character, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t super sad that it wasn’t. Because I totally was. And had I not been at school when I finished it, yeah I probably would have cried. Evertrue was a pretty unimpressive closer for the trilogy. As I said before, I didn’t think I would be finishing this book, but after I turned the last page and finished the book I realized that I’d enjoyed it a bit more than I thought I would. That being said, I feel like the majority of the book was one giant cop out.

2 Stars

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