Blog Tour Review: Losers Weepers by Nicole Williams

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Blog Tour Review: Losers Weepers by Nicole Williams

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review: Losers Weepers by Nicole WilliamsLosers Weepers by Nicole Williams
Series: Lost & Found #4
Publisher: Self Published on February 24, 2015
Source: Author
Pages: 209
If we didn’t know darkness, we couldn’t fully appreciate the light.

Garth Black’s more familiar with this concept than most people are. He hadn’t just lived in the dark for the majority of his life—he thrived in it. With a mom who’d bailed on him and a dad whose understanding of coddling started and ended with a bottle of whiskey, Garth had never been expected to rise to any sort of occasion other than following down the same dead-end paths.

That changed when he fell in love with Josie Gibson. After years of pulling each other closer before shoving the other way, they finally stopped shoving. Josie’s love is like nothing Garth’s ever experienced. He holds it close. He holds it sacred. He would do anything to preserve it and keep it from pollution, even if that means removing himself from the picture.

Garth might have been allowed a temporary furlough to bask in the light, but that pass has been revoked, and he’s been swallowed again by the dark. Will he revert to his old ways of hurting those he cares for most? Will he go back to the same destructive patterns . . . or will it be worse this time?

We can’t know light without first knowing dark . . . and Garth Black’s about to get acquainted with the dark in a whole new way.

Here Are My Thoughts

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Favorite Quotes

Be nice_Losers Weepers 2


Loser Weepers was definitely a thrilling read. I didn’t know what to expect after reading the synopsis—Garth falling back into his old ways made me nervous. But the book was actually a really engaging and heartbreaking/heartwrenching read.

Leading Lady

Josie was great as always. She was tough and that definitely showed over the course of the book. She didn’t put up with Garth’s crap and absolutely did not let him push her away. Josie is one of the best female characters that I’ve read, and this book just hardened my opinion on that.

Leading Male

Garth is involved in an accident that sends him spiraling back into his ways of assholery. I was pissed at him for the longest time! I wanted him to stop all the bullpoop. That’s actually what I loved most about this book—I literally got happy when the characters were happy, sad when they were sad, and mad when they were mad. We saw a bit more into Garth’s vulnerability, which was nice to see. We really got a close look at his psyche. He grew up in this novel. It was awesome.


The romance in this book was more emotional than physical, which reminded me of Jesse and Rowen, one of my favorite New Adult couples. It was on the rocks, predictably, but the emotional journey that the two main characters went through together was so heart wrenching that the lack of “real” romance was not even noticed.

Other Characters

Of course, we see Jesse and Rowen, which was awesome as always. And for all you fans of this amazing couple—you definitely get your fill and a couple of surprises!


Losers Weepers was just like every other Nicole Williams book I’ve had the pleasure of reading: absolutely amazing. I definitely would recommend the book, and this series, for anyone looking for an emotional, real read. Because this series is that and more.

5 Stars
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