Release Day Launch: Mosaic by Leigh T. Moore

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Release Day Launch: Mosaic by Leigh T. Moore

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Release Day Launch: Mosaic by Leigh T. MooreMosaic by Leigh T. Moore
Series: Dragonfly #4
Publisher: Self Published on June 30, 2014
Source: Author
Pages: 300
Reading Challenges: 2014 Prequel and Sequel Challenge, 2014 YA Contemporary Challenge
The future never goes as planned.
People are never what they seem.
Time changes everything.

So you want to know what happened to Anna and Julian? Well, listen up, because I’ve got the whole scoop. I’m Jules, btw, and I am an artist, as you already know if you’ve read Watercolor. What you might not know is I inherited my mother’s cute little newsy nose, thank you very much.

It’s high school reunion time, and everyone’s coming back to Fairview—everyone who’s not already there, mind you. What went wrong, who’s fault it was, and why the heck nobody knew about me… it’s all coming out.

Long-distance relationships rarely last, and a lot of water has passed under that bridge. Big Secrets will be exposed, and in the end we’ll know if that old saying is true: Love is stronger than time.

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Here Are My Thoughts

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Favorite Quotes

“‘I miss your beautiful green eyes.’ ‘Hazel,’ I corrected. ‘No, it’s Julian. I’ve told you this a hundred times. How can I trust you when you never get my name right?’”

Why I Picked It Up

I have adored the series thus far and I had to see the conclusion to Julian and Anna’s story.


This novel takes place twenty-some years after we last saw Julian and Anna. It is written primarily in a flashback-type style in the form of a diary that Anna kept over the years. Half of the novel was basically Anna’s diary with periodic commentary from Juliet (which I lived for). There was a ton of drama that I wasn’t expecting in this novel. The perfect couple had some pretty big problems but still got their HEA. We were introduced to new characters, new events, new experiences, and tragic surprises. It was a lot to cover for one novel but for some reason it wasn’t as engaging as the other novels. It wasn’t boring by any means but it wasn’t quite as interesting either. It may be the fact that it was kind of weird to read about older people. It was half YA/NA and half adult, I felt like. Even though the adults still acted like teens. It was just kind of weird for me.

Leading Lady

“But honestly. Nobody wants to read about their parents getting it on. Yes, I know that’s how I got here, but it wasn’t on this particular occasion. Even if it was, that doesn’t make it any more appealing to me to read.”

The two main characters in this novel were Juliet and Anna. Juliet was Anna’s daughter. She was my favorite in the book. She was snarky, sarcastic, and bubbly. I found myself hoping for flashes for her in the novel. She was just adorable.

Anna had matured in this novel. She was no longer the teenager that she was in the previous novels, even in the flashbacks. We saw her transition into adulthood in this book and it was a pretty smooth transition. I really felt for her at parts in the novel and I was Team Anna the entire book. She was still a great character—caring, nice, and strong.

Leading Male

This book basically ruined my Team Julian mantra. He did some things that I wouldn’t have imagined that he would do, regardless of the justification we get further into the novel. He just…he felt insecure to me in this novel and a bit too distant and cold. It was pretty different from the Julian we saw in the rest of the series. Adult Julian was just weird for me. I don’t know—the events in the flashback portion just kind of killed it for me. One thing I can say, though, is that he stepped up to the plate. He acknowledged his wrong-doings and created a relationship with his daughter and the love of his life. That made him redeemable in my eyes.


 “‘Have you kicked that git’s arse yet?’ Julian laughed. ‘You mean your uncle, my brother? Anna doesn’t want me to.’ ‘Screw that. He needs to be taught a lesson.’”

The romance in this novel was just like the others. The chemistry between the two was undeniable even when they were apart. The definitely had their ups and downs and we are given a play-by-play of them. Like I mentioned, they got their HEA. What I did enjoy, though, was the connection that Julian and Juliet forged right from the beginning. Julian is the first person that Juliet meets on the beach and she connects the dots. I loved seeing them together because their personalities were so similar. It was endearing, seeing that father-daughter connection even given the circumstances.


Mosaic wasn’t my favorite book in the Dragonfly series. I couldn’t quite connect with the characters as well as in the previous novels but it was a good, end-tying conclusion to the series.

3.5 Stars

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