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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Wrecked by Priscilla WestWrecked by Priscilla West
Series: Wrecked #1
Publisher: Self Published on December 11, 2013
Source: NetGalley
Pages: 329
Reading Challenges: 2014 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge, 2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge
“There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

Two years ago, Lorrie’s mother was murdered. But that wasn’t the end of it. Reeling from the tragedy, Lorrie’s father spiraled into alcohol, depression, and finally suicide.

The two most important people in Lorrie’s life are both gone but she’s still alive.

Trying to recover from the tragedy, Lorrie returns to campus, ready to pick up the pieces of her life. All Lorrie wants is to get back to “normal.”

Then she meets Hunter. The man, the legend, “the Hammer.”

Hunter is a cage fighter who takes on every fight like he’s got nothing to lose. His life is a tangled mess of girls, booze, and fist fights. And while it may seem like he’s got a devil-may-care attitude, he’s fighting a private cage-match with a monster he can’t defeat.

Lorrie knows that Hunter is the exact type of guy she should stay away from, especially in her fragile state, but Hunter has other ideas.

As Hunter and Lorrie grow closer together, will they be able to overcome their pain and heal each other? Or will they both end up wrecked?


favorite quotes

“‘Of course I’ve heard of twerking!’ I said, slightly offended by the accusation. I turned to Hunter to see if he was judging me and he was simply smiling. ‘Everybody knows about Miley Cyrus and that VMA performance.’”

“‘But the bigger question is: why were you looking at my crotch?’ My cheeks heated from embarrassment. I didn’t expect him to throw that curveball at me. ‘I wasn’t looking! I just glanced out of the corner of my eye. Besides, you were practically shoving it in my face the way you were sitting in front of me with your legs spread eagle. You could’ve poked my eye out.’”

 “Hunter walked to the doors, peering into the dark theater. ‘This is crazy! When did this happen? They don’t need to be renovated!’ I tried to hide my laughter as Hunter dropped to his knees, pulling at his hair in mock despair. It was becoming more clear to me why Hunter had referred to himself as a ‘weirdo’.”

why I picked it up

I’m not exactly why I picked up this novel–there was not really anything special about the premise that stood out–it seemed like the typical New Adult contemporary novel.


Wrecked follows Lorrie as she starts back at Arrowheart University after taking three semesters off due to a tragedy: her mother was murdered with her dad taking his own life a few months prior. But Lorrie wants to move on with her life–her first step being going back to college. On her first day back, some unfortunate events leave Lorrie close to drowning in a frozen lake on campus, but luckily she’s saved by a mysterious guy out running. Hunter is dealing with problems of his own, and takes out his frustration MMA fighting. Fate keeps bringing the two together and they eventually become friends, and later, something more. But can the secrets that they keep buried end up tearing them apart?

This plot was similar to what I’ve seen in other novels–the broken girl and the bad-boy-yet-troubled boy meet, become friends, and fall in love, only to have something happen to tear them apart. In that way, this novel was a bit cliche. Regardless, it was a good and engaging read. Although common, there were parts about the story line that made the novel unique. This novel reminded me a lot of Beautiful Disaster.

Leading lady

“‘You don’t know that. Neither of us knows that. Hell, if anything, I should be the one saying this is a bad idea. You stole my clothes. You even stole my trash. You’re one weird girl, Lorrie. But I can’t help myself. I like your company.’”

Lorrie was our leading lady. Lorrie was strong, even if she didn’t think so over the duration of the novel. She dealt with the things thrown her way very well. She was determined to move on with her life, but she wasn’t perfect or invincible, which made her more relatable as a character. She was just a girl trying to push through her grief and live.

leading male

“An MMA fighter with tattoos on half his upper body who had such a soft heart he rescued a box of kittens—Hunter was an odd one, I had to give him that.”

Hunter was our hero. He was a tough, bad-boy, MMA fighter with a reputation. But under that, he was just a big goofball! He was adorable, really, and had a funny personality that I wouldn’t really have expected. He was sensitive and had problems too, and even though he tried to hide it, you could still see how much of a sensitive character that he was.

other characters

Daniela was Lorrie’s best friend. We didn’t really get to know her much in this novel, which was unfortunate because she probably would have been a fantastic dynamic character. We also didn’t see much of Gary, Hunter’s best friend. Hopefully, we’ll see more of them in the next novel.


“‘I don’t care how selfish we are because I know we can be selfless too! I’ve seen your kindness. You care about others. You care about me. You’re just drowning right now, Lorrie. I saved you once, I can do it again.’”

I loved the romance in the first half of this novel. The attraction is instant, but Lorrie isn’t ready for a relationship, so Hunter agrees to best friends. Even as best friends, you can tell that they really cared for each other and the tension was amazing. But yet, they didn’t cross that ‘friends-only’ line for quite a while, which I enjoyed. I liked to see them get to know each other first. Then that line was crossed, and it was like the point of no return. That’s the point at which the romance got irritating for a bit. Their first sex scene was so sappy I almost gagged. I’m good with romantic love-making, but this was so much farther past that. And then, it was like they all the sudden turned into sex addicts. They did it like bunnies. At that point, the romance started to feel more fake than real–everything was about sex for them for quite a few chapters. I actually found myself happy when they separated bodies and drama started going down.

world buildling

“We were both silent for a moment. I contemplated what Hunter had told me about his parents. Was fighting a way for him to cope with his troubled past like I used drawing to cope with mine? I didn’t know, but it sounded like he and I might not have been as different as I initially thought.”

Something that I can say is that I wish that there was more fighting in this novel. It just seemed like so much of Hunter’s life was fighting, yet we didn’t see very much of it. We saw some, sure, but it was more of a background thing in most cases. For such a big part of Hunter’s history, it just felt a bit understated to me.


Overall, Wrecked was a good novel with well-developed characters who were broken and trying to fix each other. Although it has an overused plot-line, it was a great read nonetheless.

3.5 Stars

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