Review: Marked by Hades by Reese Monroe

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Review: Marked by Hades by Reese MonroeMarked by Hades by Reese Monroe
Series: Bound by Hades #2
Publisher: Embrace on April 14, 2014
Source: NetGalley
Pages: 380
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One choice away from eternity… For 911 years, Gatekeeper companion Justin Bradford has denied the possibility of being mated to only one woman. He enjoys them all too much to settle down. So when he feels his mate’s Ahavah mark surface, his first instinct is to ignore it. But when he sees the leather-clad beauty in need of his help that’s easier said than done… Yvonne wakes up naked on a cold park bench in a small town with no memory of who—or what—she is. All she knows is the gentle man who woke her was turned to dust when she touched him. And now the strange mark that appeared on her shoulder throbs in the presence of the raven-haired man now offering to help her… As Justin and Yvonne navigate the mystery of her past, their bond grows, but the secrets they discover and the sacrifices that must be made could be enough to rip them apart for eternity.

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Why I Picked It Up

I really enjoyed the other novel in the series, Forged by Fate, and I was actually surprised to see that the next novel in the series was about Justin. I honestly was just expecting a continuation of the first novel, but I was no less excited to get to reading it.


As I mentioned, Marked by Hades is Justin’s story. Justin, as we saw in the first novel, is convinced that he doesn’t need a mate and that he won’t have one. That is, until he sees a mysterious girl while out one day. That mysterious girl’s name is Yvonne, and she woke up with absolutely no recollection of who she was except her name. And as she soon finds out, her touch is lethal: anyone or any living thing that she touches turns to ash. This novel was better than the first one, in my opinion. Monroe’s writing style developed a bit, and it didn’t have that initial boring lag that Forged by Fate had. This one jumped head first into the plot, and what an amazing plot it was. There were many surprises and events that I never wanted to put this book down. It was filled with demons artifacts, kidnappings, and even a guest appearance from Lucifer. In terms of plot line and entertainment, this one definitely outranks Forged by Fate.

Leading Lady

“‘Stop talking about me like I’m not here. I’m not a fucking demon!’ Yvonne straightened, her jaw clenching so tight a headache sprawled up the base of her skull. If these bitches didn’t tell her where Justin was, she was going to kill them.”

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I enjoyed Yvonne as much as I enjoyed Sadie. I’m not exactly sure why. She just didn’t seem as well developed as Sadie did as a character, which was probably because we, as readers, didn’t know much about her past or who she was. Nevertheless, she was definitely an interesting character to follow. She did have a story, and boy was it a shocker for me. I can’t say much about it, but how Monroe executed it was perfection. Yvonne herself was selfless and brave, two characteristics that are always admirable in female protagonists. I can’t wait to see more of her in the rest of the series.

Leading Male

“Her other hand brushed along his neck. ‘Amazing.’ Wonder filled her sage eyes. No. She wasn’t a demon. Wasn’t in on this with Aggie. She was his Mate. His to cherish, love, and protect.”

On the other hand, I did enjoy Justin’s character more than I enjoyed Theo’s. Probably because Justin wasn’t afraid to let loose and have fun. Theo was so stoic, something that Justin wasn’t, so he was a character that was more fun to read. In addition to that, it was entertaining to watch his futile attempt to resist taking a mate. But once he accepted it, he turned into the perfect, doting, book-mate. I adored him; he was fun, lighthearted, yet protective and brave. Perfect combination.


The two of them together were more interesting to read than Theo and Sadie. Probably because Justin resisted it so much it made their getting together that much sweeter. However, I did enjoy Theo and Sadie more as a romantic couple. But Justin and Yvonne had their own thing going on, involving no as gushy romances as Theo and Sadie. That being said, they still worked well together and brought out the best in each other.

Other Characters

As you can probably tell, Theo and Sadie were a big part of this novel. In addition to all the stuff going on with Yvonne, we still have the demons trying to overthrow Lucifer. For most of the novel, the pairs were working in unison in order to figure out how to save the world. So we do see a lot of Theo and Sadie although it’s not so much their romance as their action. But we do get a sweet surprise regarding the two! So for any Theo-Sadie fans out there, you definitely have something to look forward to!

World Building

Monroe continued to weave an interesting world of demons and guardians in this novel, even more so than the previous novel. The things with Yvonne that I can’t speak of have a really big effect on everything we thought was true regarding this fictional world. She definitely stirs things up!


Reese Monroe did the one thing that you can ask of debut authors: she improved in her writing skills. Because of that, I can’t recommend this novel more. Obviously, Monroe is getting better, and if she’s doing it this quickly, I can’t wait to see how the other novels in this series turn out. Marked by Hades was an entertaining and gripping novel.

4.5 Stars Gabbie Signature


About Reese Monroe

Originally from Minnesota, Reese Monroe currently enjoys living in the sunny Arizona desert with her husband of seventeen years and her loveable Shetland Sheep dog, Maddux. Monroe holds a degree in psychology from Southwest Minnesota State University and a master’s degree from the University of Iowa. When she’s not busy writing her next trilogy, she can be found pounding the pavement, training to run her first marathon.

Reese Monroe is a contributing blogger at the widely popular site New Adult Alley ( and has been part of the New Adult revolution for years having penned over thirty novels in the exciting new category. Look for her Bound by Hades trilogy coming soon from Entangled Publishing.


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