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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Heartbitten by Aubrey RoseHeartbitten by Aubrey Rose
Publisher: Self Published on March 12, 2014
Source: NetGalley
Pages: 212
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Billionaire playboy Robert Chatham is as bloodthirsty as it gets. Snarky and self-obsessed, he has a new girl every day of the week. What the London tabloids don’t know is the reason Robb acts like a lady-killer: to avoid having to kill them. A four-hundred year old vampire, he feeds and moves on, never getting attached to any girl.

Until Liz.

A shy American transplant in the heart of London, Liz is slaving away on her grad school project: working to find a cure for the blood cancer that her younger sister died from years ago. Dead focused on her studies, she’s more interested in the chemistry of hemoglobin than in the chemistry between her and any guy.

Until Robb.

After an old vampire friend comes asking for a favor, Robb has to choose between repaying a life debt and chasing after the one girl who’s broken through his emotional walls. And when Liz stumbles upon evidence that seems to solve the puzzle of his mysterious seclusion, she confronts him in his lab. Only the dark secret she thought she had uncovered turns out to be something even more terrifying.

With a dead body in the trunk of his Porsche and a vial of cancerous blood in the pocket of her lab coat, Robb and Liz are heading for a collision course that will change both of their lives forever…


Why I Picked It Up

Heartbitten sounded like a promising novel based on the synopsis, so I couldn’t wait to read it!


Heartbitten tells the story of vampire Robb and human Liz. Robb was turned almost 400 years ago, and has been searching for a cure to vampirism in a college lab. Liz is one of the new graduates working in that lab, trying to find the cure to blood cancer, which took her sister’s life many years ago. The tension between the two is thick, but Robb can’t risk her finding out about what he is.

Unfortunately, Heartbitten did not live up to my expectations. The plot, in my opinion, was strange. When we started getting to what I thought was the climax of the story, with an enermy and the promise of possible danger, the novel ended without actually climaxing. It was then that I realized that that was not the actual climax. In reality, the whole plot was built around the romance. That would be fine, but it didn’t feel as if there was a plot within the romance. I mean sure, you have her find out and freak out, but that’s not really climax material. It really disappointed me that there wasn’t a viable plot in this novel.

Leading Lady

 “‘Last time was…I misunderstood. I thought you knew. I’m so sorry.’ ‘It’s okay.’ ‘It’s not!’ Robb cried out, his voice strained. Then, more quietly: ‘It’s not.’ His eyes shone, and Liz was shocked to see tears bead and trickle down his cheeks. ‘I hurt you.’ ‘I forgive you.’”

Liz was out female protagonist. I don’t really have any opinions on Liz, because I couldn’t really connect with her character. She was a graduate researching in a chem. Lab, felt an attraction to the lab coordinator, finds out he’s a vampire, and freaks out. Over the course of that, I didn’t really form any solid opinions on her character. She was a pushover to say the least, which is another thing that turned me off with her character. And she babbled a lot. She wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t necessarily interesting.

Leading Male

Robb, on the other hand, I did form a few opinions about. I don’t really think that I enjoyed his character either. I didn’t enjoy reading about him, but I’m not positive as to why. He was a bit demanding, but then he could flip a switch and be almost-crying emotional. It was a little to abrupt for me, and it just seemed unnatural.


“‘I don’t even know why I came here tonight,’ Liz said. ‘I mean, I know why I came here. I like you. I mean— ‘You like me?’ Robb asked. ‘Even though I shouldn’t. But you’re so cute. Not cute. More hot than cute.’ Uh no. She shouldn’t have said that. ‘But you’re my boss. Oh, jeez.’ ‘You like me.’ Liz looked up. Robb gave her a small smile. His hands were pressed against the bookshelves on either side of her body, and although she’s shrunk back against them, the newfound warmth in his smile made her feel a bit more comfortable. ‘I guess,’ she said. ‘Sure. That’s why I came here.’ ‘Because you like me.’ Here was another glint in his eyes, a gleaming of fear, and then it was gone. ‘Should I go?’ Liz asked, then answered herself. ‘I should go, shouldn’t I?’ ‘I think that you should do whatever it is that you want to do.’”

This novel falls into the category of insta-love, which is an automatic turn off for me unless it is REALLY well done. And this one, unfortunately, was not. We got the ‘I love yous’ after about a week, the intimacy after a few days, and I just couldn’t see a connection between the two characters. It came off as plastic, as fake. I couldn’t enjoy it, which isn’t good because the whole novel revolved around it.


Unfortunately, this novel was just not for me. I found it lacking in character development and relatability, lacking an engaging plot, and just overall, lacking. This novel wasn’t for me, and I, unfortunately, would not recommend it if you want an engaging read.

 2 Stars

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