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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: All of You by Christina LeeAll of You by Christina Lee
Series: Between Breaths #1
Publisher: InterMix on September 17, 2013
Source: NetGalley
Pages: 219
Avery has just met her hot upstairs neighbor. He's irresistible. Tattooed. And a virgin. Nursing student Avery Michaels wants nothing to do with dating—she's perfectly happy single. Privy to too many of her mother's bad decisions and even worse taste in boyfriends, all Avery can handle is a string of uncomplicated hookups whenever the mood strikes. When she meets smoking hot tattoo artist Bennett, she wants him—for just one night. But he won't accept a no-strings-attached arrangement. He lives by a straight-laced code of values based on his own troubled upbringing. Bennett sees something special in Avery and he wants more from her. Way more. As Avery wrestles with her emotions for Bennett, danger and tragedy force them to open up to each other. And Avery must face the terrifying realization that she wants more from him, too. So she needs to make a choice—let Bennett go or finally let him in.


Favorite Quote(s):

“‘There’s a saying that goes like this: The hourglass freezes in moments of sorrow. Races along in moments of bliss.’ He spun and pulled me to my feet. Cupping my cheeks, he gazed into my eyes. ‘The very concept of time is a demand. That you own it, savor it, mean it. Before you waste it…or it wastes you.'”

Favorite Character: Bennett! He’s so sweet.
First Line:

“Love was like a loaded gun.”

My Musings: This contemporary binge has led me to uncover some fantastic new novels. This was one of them. I got this novel a while back on Netgalley, but I never felt the drive to read it until now. I’m actually kind of sad that I held off for so long. All of You follows Avery Michaels, a nursing student with a penchant for one night stands. She doesn’t like losing control, so she takes it–in the form of hookups. But it’s been working for her, so she finds no need to stop. That is, until she meets Bennett Reynolds. Bennett is her new upstairs neighbor: tattooed, hot, and a virgin. That’s right, he’s been holding off for the right girl. So when Avery tries to bed him, he turns her down. But soon, they start growing closer. But Bennett is clear that he’s looking for something more than a one night of pleasure. But Avery isn’t so sure whether or not to stop her ways and finally let him in.

“‘Damn it, Bennett,’ I panted. ‘How in the hell do you know exactly how to drive me insane?’ He trailed his tongue along my inner thigh. ‘I said I was a virgin, Avery. Not a saint.'”

Avery Michaels could be considered many things. Some may have considered her a slut, a whore, but I felt like she was just hurt. Wounded from her childhood in a way that she refused to tell anyone except her best friend, Ella. Avery had one nights stands as a reflex. A wall. But underneath that exterior, Avery was a fantastic character. She was caring, smart, and funny. Although she didn’t show those sides of her too much, when they came out, you couldn’t help but fall in love with her character all over again. The girl went through a lot, it’s surprising that she came through the way that she did. She was a strong and independent character.

“Avery, I want us to work through the sad and hard parts together. To always find our way back to each other.”

Bennett was adorable. An art major with a bad past of his own, he wanted nothing more than to break down Avery’s walls. He was determined. He was timid at times, bold at others. It was just the right combination. The two of them were polar opposites in their beliefs and values, yet they worked together so well. After the initial thought of Avery trying to bed Bennett, they evolved into friends, which is always a check in my book. I love when characters start off as friends, because then they really know each other. It was great to see their relationship build up over the course of the book until it climaxed–and it definitely gave the reader the time to relish in their tension. Another character that I feel is worth mentioning is Mrs. Jackson. She definitely left an impression on me. She was an old lady that lived at the nursing home that Avery worked at. The one person that could see through Avery like she was made of glass. Her character resonated within me, and she reminded me of my own grandmother, as she reminded Avery of hers. It was definitely nice to see the relationship between the two of them. A novel that taught me that it’s okay to let someone in, All of You tugged on my emotions and my heartstrings. Filled with heartfelt emotion, an budding yet intense romance, and characters who worked together to work through their flaws, All of You is a novel that anyone with a functioning heart will adore. I can’t wait to see what Christina comes up with next in Before You Break.

4.5 Stars
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