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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: The Bringer’s Quest by Victoria SmithThe Bringer's Quest by Victoria H. Smith
Series: Eldaen Light Chronicles #2
Publisher: Self Published on August 12, 2013
Source: Author
Pages: 497
Time can bring about many positive changes. For Ariel Richmond, getting her magical necklace to work isn’t one of them.

The year has introduced new comrades and friends, and every day they find their place within Ariel’s alliance. But Ariel herself is at a standstill. While her world advances around her, she’s forced to watch other’s successes. And as her frustrations about her progression toward leadership grow, she and Luca are driven further apart.

Luca sees Ariel’s situation, not as a hindrance, but as an unexpected strategy. Her stalemate keeps her out of battle, allowing him and her coalition to insure her safety from the world that threatens to destroy her. His constant fight to protect Ariel also acts as a shield, making it easy to distract himself from the nightmares of his past and hide his darkest secrets from the woman he loves.

As Luca hides behind his walls, Ariel is forced to become a leader on own. When a surprise from her past arrives willing to aid her, Ariel struggles between the priority of leadership and that of love.

Time ticks away and the enemy won’t wait for the Bringer of Peace to become a leader. The hunt for blood is on whether Ariel is ready or not.

The Bringer's Quest is a new adult science fiction romance.


Favorite Quote(s):

“I felt myself go all swoony just watching him. I loved when he got all sexy and assertive like this. Wait a second? What was I thinking? I was the Bringer of Peace. The head honcho. The shiznit. Luca said it himself: I was the most important piece to this whole thing. Therefore, Bailey should be talking to me. I should be the one she was reporting to.”

Favorite Character: Ariel. She really stepped up.
First Line: 

“It was cold that day.”

My Musings: I absolutely adored the spin on sci-fi that Victoria Smith took with The Crimson Hunt, and I was so excited when I finally got the review copy of The Bringer’s Quest. I couldn’t wait to see what became of Luca and Ariel and their battle against evil.

The Bringer’s Quest picks up a little after the end of The Crimson Hunt when they travel into the future to find Bailey. They’re back in present time and working on locating allies, those who are meant to help Ariel beat the Hunters. For most of the duration, the gang are locating allies and planning what they are going to do. There wasn’t as much action in this novel as the last, with most of it being within the last five or so chapters. This novel focused more on the internal battles that the characters were facing, which made the actions of the novel that much more intriguing. It was more of an emotional journey if anything, yet it really built up the plot as we got to know the characters and their struggles more.

Ariel, in this novel, is struggling with becoming a leader. That was what her story was focused on. She made some not so great decisions over the course of the novel, but she really did grow and mature into a leadership role eventually. She learned why some people acted the way that they did and came to accept people in a better manner. She also did learn how to lead without having to feel like she had to because she was the Bringer. I just feel that overall she became a much more well rounded character.

In The Bringer’s Quest, we also got to learn more about Luca and his past. We saw all of his past as a Hunter catch up with him. Instead of the always strong, always stead character we saw in The Crimson Hunt, we saw a more vulnerable, cracked Luca. It was really enlightening to see exactly how he felt about the things he’s done, and how he dealt with that. Of course, it had affects on his relationship with Ariel, as did the things that she wass struggling with. But eventually, they were able to help each other heal and help each other come to terms with the things that were plaguing them.

Overall, The Bringer’s Quest was another fantastic installment to the Eldaen Light Chronicles. Although not as filled to the brim as it’s predecessor, it was an emotional and thought provoking novel that really set the stage for the third installment.

4 Stars

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