Author Interview: Marilyn Phillips

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Author Interview

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Today on Rampant Readers we are excited to have Marilyn Phillips answering some questions for us! So let’s get to it, shall we?

RR: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
MP: Okay. My name is Marilyn. I live on the outskirts of Melbourne (Australia) with my wonderfully supportive husband and two beautiful children. I am a fully qualified Secondary School Teacher who spent thirteen years in the classroom before taking leave from my profession to become a stay-at-home mum and self-published author. Books have always been my passion and when not writing or reading, I like to spend time with my family, take long walks in dark forests and watch movies with happy endings.

RR: Can you tell us a little about your upcoming novel(s)?
MP: I have just completed Mystery Rises, the second installment to Mystery Falls. It is due to be released Autumn (Fall), 2013.

RR: Angels are a topic that is becoming more and more common among young adult and new adult fiction. What made you want to write about them in particular?
MP: I have always been intrigued with the fantasy world. Angels, Vampires, Werewolves are all fascinating to me. When I first started writing Mystery Falls, I wasn’t sure which one of these forms Shadow would take. It was only as the first chapter began to unfold, when I decided that an angel best suited his character.

RR: What are 3 things that you loved about writing Mystery Falls?
MP: Three things I really enjoyed about writing Mystery Falls were; bringing the characters to life, developing the relationship which exists between them, and creating the mysteries which are slowly uncovered as the story progresses.

RR: What was the most difficult part to write in Mystery Falls?
MP: There was no part of Mystery Falls which I found particularly difficult to write, however, kissing scenes can be challenging. For me, it’s important to get that as close to perfect as I can. To get those feelings and emotions across to the reader so that they may, in some way, feel what Samantha’s feeling.

RR: What was your most rewarding experience as a writer?
MP: This is difficult because there has been not one, but many rewarding experiences since I became a published author. Seeing my book listed on Smashwords and selling my first copy within 12 hours was one. Receiving my first review, which was extremely positive, was most definitely another. Discovering Mystery Falls posted on various blog sites has also been extremely rewarding. And of course, I cannot forget to mention the many friends I have made. Their support has been overwhelming and beyond anything I could have imagined.

RR: What inspired you to write your first book?
MP: I have always loved books. Right from an early age, reading has been a passion of mine. So I guess; my initial inspiration to become a writer stems from that. When I was a teenager, I used to create stories in my head which I would share with my best friend. She found them entertaining and encouraged me to write them down. I did make an attempt to follow her suggestion but with my focus largely on my studies, I never seemed to get very far. It’s only recently, that I have finally been able to fulfill this lifelong dream.

RR: Do you prefer to write in silence or with music playing?
MP: I usually prefer to write with music playing in the background. Songs filled with emotion tend to help set the mood in my head and assist in bringing out the feelings I’m trying to convey.

RR: Do you have any pets? What are their names?
MP: Currently, we have two Blue Tongue Lizards named Scales and Scratchy. We did have a Guinea Pig called Cuddles, but sadly, she died earlier this year.

RR: What is one food you would never eat?
MP: Tripe.

RR: What is your scariest moment?
MP: I have experienced lots of scary moments. The most recent which comes to mind, is when the house behind us caught fire and threatened to cross into our yard. Fortunately nobody was injured and the fire brigade managed to put it out pretty quickly before it could spread too far.

RR: Favorite food?
MP: Chocolate

RR: Favorite Color?
MP: Blue

RR: Favorite Dessert?
MP: Tiramisu

RR: Favorite Season?
MP: Autumn (Fall)

RR: Winter or Summer?
MP: Winter

RR: Snow or Rain?
MP: Snow

RR: iPhone or Android?
MP: Android

RR: Cats or Dogs?
MP: Dogs

RR: Beach or Pool?
MP: Pool

Let’s thank Marilyn for taking the time to answer some questions for us today. Be sure to leave her some love!

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