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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: A Shadow of Light by Bella ForrestA Shadow of Light by Bella Forrest
Series: A Shade of Vampire #4
Publisher: Self Published on July 31, 2013
Source: Author
Pages: 270
Since the implosion at The Oasis and Derek's stay at Hawk Headquarters, The Shade has fallen into a state of utter chaos. To make matters worse, the citizens of Derek's kingdom have become suspicious of his loyalties and accuse him of siding with the enemy... At a time when Derek desperately needs full cooperation from his subjects, they wish to put their own King on trial.

Meanwhile, Sofia is being held hostage by the hunters. They are determined to rid her of her infatuation with the vampire. She submits to the strict routine and training they impose on her, but the only fuel that keeps her going is the thought of reuniting with Derek - something Reuben is fighting with every fiber of his being to ensure will never happen.

...Until one day, out of the blue, Reuben appears to have a change of heart and comes to Sofia with a proposal; a solution that she never dreamed possible. A solution that would fulfil her heart's deepest desires and secure her and Derek's future together, forever.

But can she really trust this man who is so renowned for his hatred of vampires? Does she even have a choice?

Here Are My Thoughts

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Favorite Quote(s):

“‘You really need not fear, Sir.’ lily nodded. ‘Derek would never intentionally harm Sofia. He loses himself sometimes when he blacks out, but there’s only one person who can reel him back to his senses, and that’s your daughter. No one else is capable of doing that ti him.’

“‘King Derek needs Queen Sofia.’ Madeline had a sweet smile on her face as she spoke the words. She nodded as she said them, her eyes twinkling.”

Favorite Character: Derek.
First Line:

“‘I am going to kill him!'”

My Musings: Wow. Just wow. So I am writing this review not five minutes after reading the last line of this novel. Alright, so I’ve been a horrible person–I’ve been trying to get this novel read and reviewed since three days before the release date, but life caught up with school starting, and now there’s drama going on with my sport.  But I really wish I could have gotten to this one earlier. This is the first book in a few months that I’ve actually sat down and read in one 4 hour sitting. And boy did I get my fill of awesomeness! I thought the other novels in this series were great–I had no idea what ‘great’ really was until this installment.

A Shadow of Light picks up with Derek leaving the Hunters without Sofia to get back to the Shade, where riots are plaguing the island. Derek is thrust back into chaos as soon as he arrives, on top of the pain and craving he feels for Sofia, who is still being held as a quasi-captive at the Hunter’s headquarters. So while Derek is dealing with all of this, and a civil war declared against him by his own father, Sofia is dealing with just as much craziness. Her father has decided to suddenly become a father and is adamant that Sofia not ever see Derek again. But of course, Sofia isn’t having that. On top of all of that drama, her mother, Ingrid/Camilla is being held captive at the headquarters as well, and she’s being as psycho as she appeared in the previous novel. Add that all up, and you have one heck of a story!

Boring was definitely not a word that I would use to describe this novel. Jam-packed with action is more like it. There was literally something going on at all times. This novel was written in various points of view, ranging from crazy Ingrid to evil Gregory Novak, and everyone in between. It was insightful, as well as keeping many ongoing subplots. For example, we saw first hand the craziness that was Ingrid Malsen. We got some insight on Claudia’s past, as well as got to see a much friendlier, more vulnerable girl. It was an amazing touch on keeping the novel interesting–especially because it’s so easy to lose a story with so many subplots and points of views.

There a just a few characters that I want to touch on before I get to Derek and Sofia. Ingrid Malsen is psycho. Have I mentioned that? Insane. Coo-koo. Needs to be in the crazy house. Borys Malsen is a creeper. Like, that guy who peeps through your window then tries to rape you (bad analogy!). Aiden (Sofia’s dad) is sketchy. That’s the best word I can think of to describe him. Claudia is misunderstood and broken. I really actually found her story sad and I felt bad for the poor girl. She went through a lot. We just got a lot more information about some of the supporting characters, and I found it great because they became more real to me as a reader.

“I knew that we had a rough ride ahead of us, but somehow, that night, I realized that didn’t need to worry about tomorrow. I was fine where I was. I just needed to take things one day at a time and let tomorrow take care of itself, because no matter what threats were coming our way, I had Sofia in my arms. Just like Sofia, I needed to live in the moment and learn to love every minute of it.”

And now to one of my favorite couples. Sofia was even stronger of a character that the other novel. The separation of her and Derek really allowed her to bud into her own strength. She was spunky and didn’t let anyone control her, not even her father. She didn’t take crap from anyone, and she fought with every piece of her against things that she didn’t want. She really became a rock for Derek. His light. They really need each other, and that was more obvious than ever in this novel. Derek, well, Derek struggled for part of this novel. He struggled with the darkness that overcomes him when he’s not with Sofia. But he fought against it as best as he could, and he was able to keep it in check most of the time. However, we definitely saw a darker side of Derek that we haven’t seen since the first novel. But the two of them together, of course, instilled complete bliss in my heart.

A Shadow of Light was, in my opinion, the best installment yet. Bella Forrest is one of the best indie authors that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She has taken a cliche topic of vampires and turned it into something very unique. A Shadow of Light was a captivating novel filled with never-ending action and suspense–it’s one you definitely don’t want to pass by.

5 Stars
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