Indie Credible Event: Tiffany King (Character Interview with Jordyn and Emrys from Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom)

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Indie Credible Event: Tiffany King (Character Interview with Jordyn and Emrys from Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom)

Here on Rampant Readers we are delighted to be hosting the amazing Tiffany King for the Indie Credible event! Tiffany is one of the nicest and most flexible authors that you’ll meet! She’s an amazing writer, on top of that, with a ton of novels that are just to die for. For our even today, we’ve invited a few of her characters from her Daemon Hunter series to answer some questions for us!character interview

Today on Rampant Readers we are excited to have Jordyn and Emrys from Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom answering some questions for us! So let’s get to it, shall we?

Hi Jordyn! Welcome to Rampant Readers. We’re super excited to have you here today! Can you introduce yourself a bit before we get started?

Hi, my name is Jordyn. I’m an Aries. I enjoy long private walks on the beach. My turn-ons are cocky mysterious guys in leather jackets with dragon tattoos. My turn-offs are daemons, large killer bugs, and guys with too much body hair.

So Jordyn, you took a five week long hiatus after you found out about your roots. Any places of interest that you visited that you’d like to tell us about?

I stayed pretty much out of sight. Most of the places I went were secluded beach areas. I will say the beaches in Costa Rica are like Heaven on Earth. You have never seen sand that is so soft or water that blue until you go. I highly recommend it.

I will definitely make that a goal to visit sometime! When you came back from your trip, you were probably shocked by the new addition to the family. You and Boon ended up having a really cool, brother-sister relationship. What do you think it was about him that you loved?

Boon is awesome. I like him because he is genuine. What you see is what you get. He is also maybe the strongest person I know. I mean, with everything he has been through in his life—the abuse from his father, the terrible living conditions, he could be this frail little emotionally damaged kid and everyone would understand, but he hasn’t let it beat him. He’s a survivor.

With all the chaos that you had to go through so far, was there ever a time when you just wanted to lay down and give it all up? Wish for a normal life?

What is normal other than what we do every day? Sometimes, I think I would like to have a typical teenage girl’s existence—go to school, go to the mall, whatever, but after learning where I really came from and what I was created  for, how can I imagine doing anything other than fighting daemons? All I wanted was the truth, and the choice to decide what was best for me.

You and Emrys have some major chemistry going on between the two of you. Anything embarrassing about him that no one knows that you’d like to share with us?

I don’t know how embarrassing it is for him, but he is a huge comic geek. Sometimes, I think he would like to dress in a Batman costume, and put me in a Wonder Woman outfit and call us the Justice League.

That’s actually quite adorable! About Emrys again, you two had some major ups and downs while journeying to the Caverns of Gloom. One moment we thought he was a traitor, the next we weren’t so sure. What were you feeling during all of that?

I felt like a sheep being led to a slaughter. I didn’t know whether or not I could trust Emrys, I knew nothing about the Caverns of Gloom other than what he told me, and I even kind of felt pissed that Haniel had agreed to let me go under those conditions. The problem was I had no choice. I had to help Lynn and Robert.

The next question is hidden due to its slightly spoiler-ific tendencies. Do not read unless you have read Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom.

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Thanks for taking your time to chat with us today! We really can’t wait to see you kick some more evil butt in the upcoming novels!

Thank you. It was fun.


Now let’s welcome Emrys! Hiya Hottness!—er, Emrys! Thanks for taking a few moments to answer a few questions for us here on Rampant Readers. Before we get started, could you introduce yourself really quickly?

I’m Emrys. Sup.

This is bad of me but I just have to ask—how does it feel to be hotness incarnate?

I don’t know. You tell me.

I’m imagining it feels pretty awesome. So Soul Trading—can you tell us a bit about your job and what exactly it is that you do?

I take souls to the in-between for judgment. From there, it is no longer my concern. The souls can go up or down. My job is only to deliver them.

So when you met Jordyn you may not have had the noblest intentions—however, it would seem as if all of that has changed (And it better have because if you mess with my girl I’ll kill you myself!) What is it about Jordyn that you love?

Her spark. You can feel it when you are around her, like you know you are next to someone special. Underneath the kickass exterior and abilities lies a caring soul.

Any quirks that no one knows about her that you’d like to share with us?

It will probably get me a shot in the arm, but the girl has no rhythm when it comes to dancing. You’d think that wouldn’t be the case because of how fluid she moves when she fights, but when we listen to music, I’ve noticed she couldn’t find the beat of a song with a GPS. Don’t tell her I said that though.

Our lips are sealed, aren’t they readers? Your secret is safe with us! Before you and Jordyn’s trek to the Caverns of Gloom, Jordyn took off for weeks. What were you feeling all of that time she was gone?

That I had screwed up something very special. I just wanted a chance to tell her my side of the story.

Going into the Caverns of Gloom was risky business, for both you and Jordyn. How did you feel going in there knowing that you could lose Jordyn as well as lose your freedom?

It was rough because I knew what I was taking her there for. Not at any point in my life, whether alive on Earth or during my time as a Soul Trader, had I faced a situation where I had that kind of choice to make that would impact not only my future, but someone I cared for.

The next question is hidden due to its slightly spoiler-ific tendencies. Do not read unless you have read Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us here on Rampant Readers! And well, if you ever want to talk…I’m here (; Regardless, we wish you luck with that problem with those Gates—but we’re sure that you and Jordyn can make things right again!


Let’s thanks Emrys and Jordyn for stopping by today! Be sure to leave them and Tiffany some love!

the booksNOTE: These are not all of Tiffany’s books. For a complete list, visit Tiffany’s Goodreads page here.

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