Blog Tour: Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom by Tiffany King

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Blog Tour: Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom by Tiffany King

Blog Tour: Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom by Tiffany KingJordyn and the Caverns of Gloom by Tiffany King
Publisher: Self Published on August 15, 2013
Pages: 223
My so-called family lied.
My friends lied.
The only guy I ever liked lied.
My mentor, the one I was supposed to trust lied.

My entire existence is built on lies and yet now they want my help. Scratch that, now
they need my help. I'll play the good soldier, but I am no longer the person I was before. This time it will be on my terms. I will trust no one.

I am a weapon. I am Jordyn.

 author interview

Let’s give a warm welcome to the AMAZING Tiffany King! Today we have some questions for her. I am also proud to announce that she’s my author for Indie-Credible! So if there is anything in particular that you’d like to see, let us know! And let’s get to it!

RR: Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming novels?
TK: I’m very excited to announce that I recently sold my New Adult series, The Woodfalls Girls to Berkley Publishing. The deal includes my book, No Attachments and two follow up books. I also started a YA Contemporary series called the Seasons of Love series. Book one, titled, Turtle Bay, is in the hands of my agent right now. I’m also working on a Christmas themed NA novella that should be released in November. Keep checking my website for updates.

RR: I positively adore Emrys’s character. I just have to ask–how did you pick his name?
TK: The name Emrys means immortal, so it fit the character perfectly. Plus, I love the way it rolls off your tongue.

RR: Jordyn is a strong and amusing female character with a very unique personality. Is her personality based off of someone that you know?
TK: Jordyn is one of my favorite characters, and such a blast to write. I love her spunk. She is not based on anyone in particular. Most of the characters in my books are a combination of personalities and traits from many different people I have known or met over the years.

RR: If you could pick any of the characters from this series to be your best friend, which one would you pick? (I know I’d personally pick Emrys… (; )

TK: Emrys would be a good choice, but I’m sure my husband would object. I actually think Krista and I would get along great. We have similar personalities and interests. We both love to read and write, and we both love chocolate. See, we’re perfect for eachother.

RR: What was your favorite part to write of Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom?
TK: My favorite parts to write are always the character interactions. Jordyn and Boon have some great dialogue together. Also, the Daemon, Due had some great lines.

RR: Which character frustrated you the most in writing the series thus far?
TK: I wouldn’t say any of the characters frustrated me. Obviously, in any story you have protagonists and antagonists. Everyone has their favorites. I just try to make each character unique and let their personalities show who they are.

RR: Guides, Protectors, Soul Traders, oh my! Where did you come up with the idea for this series?
TK: Jordyn and the Daemon Hunter series is a spin-off from the Saving Angels Series. My very first book, Meant to Be was intended to be for my daughter who was thirteen at the time. I thought she would enjoy something with angels.

RR: What do you love most about writing?
TK: I’m living my dream right now. I feel so fortunate. I have loved reading my entire life. To me, there is nothing like losing yourself in a great story. A good book can inspire you, make you laugh, or make you cry. This is what I now love the most about writing. I try my best to create stories and characters that readers can relate to.

RR: If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
TK: A lottery winner. If that wasn’t possible I would love to work as an editor at a large publishing house. It would be incredible to read for a living and discover great new writers.

RR: If you could have any superpower, what would you chose?
TK: I would like to have wizard powers and attend Hogwarts. I would be the oldest student there, but who cares.

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About Tiffany King

USA Today Best Selling author, Tiffany King is the author of the Young Adult titles: The Saving Angels Series, Wishing for Someday Soon, Forever Changed, Unlikely Allies, Miss Me Not, and Jordyn: The Daemon Hunter Novel Series. She also has a New Adult title called No Attachments.

Writer by day and book fanatic the rest of the time, she is now pursuing her life-long dream of weaving tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iphone and ipad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.


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