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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Conjure by Jennifer SnyderConjure by Jennifer Snyder
Series: A Tethered Novel #2
Publisher: Self Published on June 27, 2013
Source: Author
Pages: 276
Sometimes to understand the present you have to conjure up the past...

The last thing Addison Harmon needed was to become tethered to the broody, often seemingly cold, Theo Van Rooyen, but that's exactly what happened.

Forced to partner up with Theo to figure out a way to break the tether, Addison soon realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
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Favorite Quote(s):

“I enjoyed the feel of Kace, the way he seemed to awaken my magick, sparking it to life so it could course through me freely.”

Favorite Character: Callie. She’s so sweet.
First Line:

“A cool breeze whipped at my exposed skin as I stood at the edge of the cliff, staring after Theo’s retreating form.”

My Musings: I absolutely adored the first Tethered novel, Catalyst. So when Jennifer Snyder accepted my review request for Conjure, I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen with this mysterious bond, and was hoping to find out who has been trying to get Addison to leave Soul Harbor.

This novel picks up right where Catalyst left off. Addison still must decide if she wants to initiate, and if she wants to be stuck in Soul Harbor for the rest of her life. And this whole tether business is making things that much harder. Oh, and the person who is hiring the Hoodoo Conjurers is still trying to get Addison to leave town.

Addison was much the same as in the last novel. She’s still trying to figure out all of the magic stuff. She’s under pressure on whether she should initiate and tie herself to Soul Harbor for who knows how long. She was still a good female character. She’s grown more used to magic and such, and doesn’t have many more freak-out moments. She continues to grow as she finds out more about her biological mother and why exactly she gave her up for adoption.

Kace was as hot as ever. I felt like their relationship was more genuine in this novel. It didn’t feel so much like it was purely magick based. I actually felt like there were some real feelings in there. I loved reading their playful banter and teasing of one another and I really hope that that keeps up throughout the rest of the series.

We also saw more of Adam and Callie in this novel. Adam is a jerk. Plain and simple. He’s sarcastic and has A-hole tendencies that shine through on various occasions. Regardless, his commentary kept me laughing throughout the novel. Callie was a more enjoyable character. She was sweet, nice, and somewhat shy. She was really supportive of Addison, and I loved seeing them bond more over the course of the novel.

We saw a lot more of Theo in this novel. I do not and probably never will, like Theo’s character. He’s shady and seems slightly evil to me. The way he’s described gives off a weird vibe, and I don’t like it. And I really don’t like what was going on with him and Addison in this novel. Theo just unsettles me, and he has since he first appeared in Catalyst  I hope they can fix whatever is going on so he can get out of her life. Because I don’t like him!

This installment didn’t have much action; there wasn’t really a climax in this novel. However, it wasn’t that disappointing. This novel, I felt, served more as an informative filler to set the stage for the next novel, and I really hope I’m correct about this feeling. We learned a lot in this novel. We find out who has been using Hoodoo magick to get Addison to leave, we find out about why Addison’s mom fled Soul Harbor, we find out who exactly Addison’s father is, and we learn more about the tethering situation that Addison is dealing with. Lots of information to grasp from this novel, but definitely not as much action as I was anticipating.

With its insight into what happened in the past as well as the present, Conjure was an informative addition to the Tethered Novels series, regardless of the lack of action.

3 Stars

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