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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Catalyst by Jennifer SnyderCatalyst by Jennifer Snyder
Series: A Tethered Novel #1
Publisher: Self Published on April 30, 2013
Source: Author
Pages: 237
Sometimes who we really are lies buried just beneath the surface…

After learning she’s inherited a house in the beachside town of Soul Harbor, Georgia, Addison Harmon and her best friend decided to take a much needed vacation before the pressures of life after high school suffocate them too heavily.

But what Addison finds isn’t a chance to recoup from a bad break up and hang out with her best friend while she decides what she wants to do with her future. What she finds is Kace Sullivan—a sexy guy she can’t seem to get enough of—someone who with one touch reveals a seductive world full of magick and secrets Addison isn’t sure she’s ready to be a part of.
Favorite Quote(s):

“Kace gave me a mischievous look that was wickedly sexy on his handsome face, and I felt my bones begin to melt. He knew what he was doing to me. What the hell had I wanted to talk to him about? I couldn’t remember. This guy was like an all-consuming drug. He clouded my mind and forced away all reality.”

Favorite Character: Kace.
First Line:

“Angela Avery snuggled the soft, warm body that was wrapped tightly inside a pink fleece blanket close to her chest.”

My Musings: So I was surfing Facebook and I came across Jennifer Snyder’s status that said she was sending five copies of Catalyst to reviewers before the cover reveal for the second novel. I had been eyeing this novel from a few weeks prior, so I just had to request it because my review schedule had finally cleared up. And so I did. She sent it to me, and now I’m writing this the same day. This novel was fantastic—it kept me locked in for hours, and I’m proud to say that I read it in one sitting!

This novel follows Addison Avery as she and her best friend venture to the house she inherited from her biological mother (she was adopted) in a small town in Georgia. But when she meets Kace, things get weird. Suddenly, she’s thrust into a world of magick that she couldn’t have even imagined. And of course, someone is trying to get rid of her.

I loved the story line in this book. I’m not much of a magic reader, so this was oddly refreshing after being holed up with vampires and contemporaries for so long. Snyder created a unique fantasy world that reminded me of the TV show Secret Circle. But even though it had parallels, it was still individual all the same. The things that Snyder came up with to create her magical world were truly ‘magickal’. The novel was filled with action and suspense, and it kept me on the edge of my seat for the duration of the novel. The story itself took place over what I’m thinking was about a week and a half. Although that seems like a short period of time, it didn’t feel that way at all. The writing was so descriptive and such that I felt like it had been weeks, maybe months, since Addison had journeyed to Georgia.

Addison’s character was okay to me. She definitely wasn’t the strongest female character I’ve read, but I feel like it gives her time to grow as a character in the next book. She was a girl searching for who she was, confused about her biological parents and the reasons why her mother gave her up. She wasn’t a whiny character, which was fantastic. She just wasn’t super astounding to me. She was fine enough to read, and her narration was interesting enough to keep me hooked; I just hope that she grows into herself more and becomes more confident in who she is in the next novel.

“The smoldering look that entered his eyes then was beyond sinful. It was like he had this effect on me, this power to ignite whatever magick was within me, to awaken it, was the best foreplay he’d ever come across.”

Kace. Kace, Kace, Kace. First thing’s first: I loved his name. It was unique, and I had never read a character whose name was Kace. Kace was a ‘sexy as sin’ kind of guy. He was cocky, but not overwhelmingly so. He’s was kind of a horn-dog, but oddly enough it worked for him. He could be surprisingly sweet, and he was always looking out for Addison, considering that they had only known each other for about a week. I yearned for the parts of the book that had Kace in them; he was a swoon-worthy boy—er, man—indeed.

I think the only thing that I didn’t like about this novel was the romance, and even that grew on me by the halfway point in the novel. This book was insta-love personified. It was really a turn off at first. But as I saw Kace and Addison interact more, the more I came to realize that they were purely controlled by the magick that flowed between them. Yeah, that may not have been the only reason they liked each other, but that’s what gave them the push. But still. Strangely enough, it worked for the two of them, and I soon forgot that it had only been two days before they were having steamy makeout sessions. But other than that, their romance was steamy and sexy beyond belief, and that’s not even with sex scenes. I don’t even think there were any of those scenes written out…yeah they happened, but we didn’t really read about them. And I loved that. I loved reading this New Adult novel and not having to worry about reading about the characters as they actively did the dirty. I liked how Synder would pick up, say, the morning after. No graphic sexy times in this novel!

Catalyst was a magnificent novel filled with magick, mystery, and a ‘sexier than sin’ romance; with a novel like this one out there, you shouldn’t be reading anything else until you’ve read this one.

4 Stars

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